Just Harvest’s Approach to Ending Hunger

Founded in 1986, Just Harvest works in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania on long-term solutions to hunger.

Just Harvest Bonner Leader Maryann Fix holding sign" 1 in 7 people in Allegheny County are living in poverty. We Must Do Better."The United States could end hunger in this country tomorrow if our legislators truly wanted to.

We live in the world’s wealthiest nation. It has no shortage of food. Yet hunger persists in this country because of the priorities of those in government.

So Just Harvest works at the local, state, and federal level to adjust those priorities.

Along with our partner organizations, Just Harvest works to end hunger in our region by:

  • organizing our communities through education about the public policies that create hunger and poverty and by providing opportunities for political action.

Just Harvest staff Josh Berman and client holding signs about poverty and hunger in Allegheny County