Take Action to Change Public Policy

Hunger is injustice. Together we can end it!

Just Harvest staff and members at the April 15, 2015 Fight for $15 rally in PittsburghHunger and poverty are caused by political choices. Ending hunger means changing politics.

Let your representatives in government know how you feel. It is our right – and our responsibility – as constituents to speak our minds and demand action.

The actions on this page (below) explain why and how you should call specific elected officials to account. Your calls and emails make a difference!

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Current Actions

Immigrant mother and child embrace The new “public charge” rule will hurt immigrant families - Join allies across Allegheny County in the national drive to submit 100,000 comments before the Dec. 10 deadline to oppose the┬áTrump public charge rule.
Drawing: Port Authority cash fare is $2.75 whereas Connect card fare is $2.50 Make Port Authority Fares Fair for Allegheny County! - Just Harvest and allies are calling on Port Authority of Allegheny County to adopt three fare policies for a more equitable, high-performing transit system.
African-American family Expanding worker protections: Paid sick days and leave - All workers face caregiving responsibilities at some point – whether it’s a child, a parent, or themselves. It’s time employers stop punishing them for that.

Recent Actions

Priority: Affordable Access -- More Vendors, Free Transfers Fare Capping A Foundation for Equity: The Riders’ Vision for Port Authority of Allegheny County - Just Harvest is joining Pittsburghers for Public Transit and Mon Valley Initiative to advance the Riders’ Vision for Public Transit in Allegheny County.
work requirements = cuts in disguise Two cruel state bills would limit access to food and medical assistance - Please take action NOW to oppose Pennsylvania House Bills 2138 and 1659, which would add and expand cruel, costly, and unnecessary time limits on Medicaid and SNAP.
Help stop harsher time limits for food assistance - The primary program that helps struggling Americans afford food, is at risk of being seriously restricted from helping those in need. Here’s a fast and easy way to help protect SNAP.
“Whose BRT? It’s not for me!” - A recent bombshell is fueling our campaign to ensure Allegheny County’s plan for Bust Rapid Transit doesn’t hurt Mon Valley bus riders’ food and jobs access.