Take Action to Change Public Policy

Hunger is injustice. Together we can end it!

Just Harvest staff and members at the April 15, 2015 Fight for $15 rally in PittsburghHunger and poverty are caused by political choices. Ending hunger means changing politics.

Let your representatives in government know how you feel. It is our right – and our responsibility – as constituents to speak our minds and demand action.

The actions on this page (below) explain why and how you should call specific elected officials to account. Your calls and emails make a difference!

Want to do more?

orange arrowCome to our Action Against Hunger Team meeting this month to be a key part of these, and other, campaigns.

orange arrowCheck out our State and Federal Bill Tracker to follow our legislative advocacy on hunger and poverty.

orange arrowSign up to join us on a lobbying visit to one of your legislators (no experience required).

Current Actions

African-American family Expanding worker protections: Paid sick days and leave - All workers face caregiving responsibilities at some point – whether it’s a child, a parent, or themselves. It’s time employers stop punishing them for that.
Help protect public transit in Allegheny County food deserts - Protect access to jobs and healthy food in the Mon Valley by showing support for the 61 A/B/C.

Recent Actions

Week 29: Help target four Pa. members of the U.S. House to stop the tax bill - You can help stop the worst of the new U.S. tax bill right now by joining a coordinated effort to sway four key Pennsylvania U.S. Representatives.
Think! Add your voice to the conversation Week 28: Be part of the WQED Think! live town hall on poverty in Western Pa. - Our communities need more honest discussions of the real causes poverty and what helps people climb out. Be part of this one.
Week 25: Tell Rep. Rothfus you can’t afford fake tax reformĀ  - The best strategy to stop Republican leaders’ “tax reform” scam? In Allegheny County it’s all about Keith Rothfus.
Don't Forget to Vote! Week 24: Make voting a habit - No, no one is getting elected for president, Congress, or state government in the Nov. 7 election. Yes, you should still vote.