Take Action to Change Public Policy

Hunger is injustice. Together we can end it!

Just Harvest staff and members at the April 15, 2015 Fight for $15 rally in PittsburghHunger and poverty are caused by political choices. Ending hunger means changing politics.

Let your representatives in government know how you feel. It is our right – and our responsibility – as constituents to speak our minds and demand action.

The actions on this page explain why (and how) you should call specific elected officials to account. Your calls and emails make a difference!

Want to do more? Come to our Action Against Hunger Team meeting this month to be a key part of these, and other, campaigns.

Current Actions

House Budget Chairwoman Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) talks with reporters after releasing committee's 2017-18 budget resolution, Jul. 18, 2017 Week 9: Tell your U.S. Rep to oppose the new Republican House budget plan - A new House budget plan makes drastic cuts to our nation’s key anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs so that they can give more tax cuts to the wealthy.
Toomey protestor carrying sign "Toomey's idea of healthcare is like Putin's idea of democracy" via @lisajwardle | Twitter Week 5: Stop U.S. Senate leaders from destroying health care - Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate are trying to ram through a disastrous health care bill this week. Bottom line? It would remove health coverage from 22 million Americans.
Week 2: Stop Trump’s Starvation Budget! - Trump campaigned on a promise to help the people who need it most. But now he is threatening one of our most basic rights: to food.
Week 1: Take Action for a Fair State Budget - Today we’re launching Thirty Weeks of Action to celebrate our thirty years of service, policy advocacy, community education, and amplifying the voices of people in poverty.
30 Just Harvest We’re launching 30 Weeks of Action against hunger - Thirty years after we opened our doors, and in a time of new risk for the people we fight for, it’s time for a new kind of campaign.
Tell PA legislators to pass the Fair Share Tax to support public investment in Pa. The Fair Share Tax to Support Public Investment in Pennsylvania - A new plan would help struggling Pennsylvanians by making sure our commonwealth is a place of thriving communities and individual opportunity.
school lunch Back to school with a tool to help fight child hunger - Access to school meals is linked to greater academic performance and cognitive development. Help make sure all Allegheny County children get the nutrition they need in school.