Take Action to Change Public Policy

Hunger is injustice. Together we can end it!

Just Harvest staff and members at the April 15, 2015 Fight for $15 rally in PittsburghHunger and poverty are caused by political choices. Ending hunger means changing politics.

Let your representatives in government know how you feel. It is our right – and our responsibility – as constituents to speak our minds and demand action.

The actions on this page explain why (and how) you should call specific elected officials to account. Your calls and emails make a difference!

Want to do more? Come to our Action Against Hunger Council meeting this month to be a key part of these, and other, campaigns.

Current Actions

John from Homewood holds paper plate saying "Help fight child hunger one meal at a time!" End Child Hunger with Child Nutrition Reauthorization - Child nutrition programs play a crucial role in the well-being of millions of America’s children, helping them become healthy and happy adults. But they could be helping millions more. How you can seize a once-in-five-years opportunity to make sure they do.
woman with criminal record illustration Pennsylvania House Bill 222 means former drug felons get no help out of poverty - One in four working-age Americans have a criminal record. Many are struggling to find work and be productive members of society. Should we be making it even harder?
school lunch Back to school with a tool to help fight child hunger - As fans get excited for the start of football season, Allegheny County is in the midst of back to school time for local districts. NFL teams rebuild and retool to take on another season. School districts do the same to ensure greater performance and success of students.
senior hunger plate Resources to help fight senior hunger - The number of seniors facing hunger has doubled since 2001. One in 12 seniors experiences hunger in our community, but one in six is on the brink of hunger and is making tough choices.