Want to meet with your elected official?

Legislative office door | via Tom Williams/CQ Roll CallPublic officials at every level of government are elected by the people to serve the people. Too often, though, these lawmakers are not hearing the voice they most need to hear: yours.

Just Harvest works to give low-income people a say in the political process beyond their vote. We meet with officials representing portions of Allegheny County – here at home as well as in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. We urge them to support specific bills to address economic hardship and to oppose bills that would further hurt those we serve.

If you’re interested in possibly joining us the next time we meet with one of your legislators, please fill out this form. No experience is required. We will prepare you for the particular visit, and you will be part of the team of our staff and other allies at the meeting.

  • We'll use this to match you with the the correct district. Use the address you are registered to vote at.
  • ex: I really care about food stamps because I was a previous recipient.