• Action Against Hunger

    We address hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice – through a focus on public policy and community food access.

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  • Pitching food stamps as economic stimulus

    According to a recent study by chief economist at Moody’s Economy.com, every dollar spent on food stamps puts $1.73 back into the economy. Poof. It seems like numbers show the answers. But then again, maybe only part of the answers. Although the relationship is logical, and pumping money into the Food Stamp program is absolutely […]

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    Tax site opens January 20th

    As tax season approaches, Just Harvest is once again opening our doors with our FREE tax preparation site on the Southside. To be eligible, a single person must earn less than $20,000, and families must earn less than $40,000. We will e-file your tax return so you can get your refund in as little as […]

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