• Action Against Hunger

    We address hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice – through a focus on public policy, food access, and community power.

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  • Urban farms in the Steel City

    While some rural Pennsylvanians are weathering the rise in food prices by buying cheap, expired food from Amish shops, Pittsburghers are likelier to enjoy a more sustainable bounty from urban farms. According to this Post-Gazette story, urban farm sites now include the North Side, Lemington, Garfield, and the Hill District. This is good news for […]

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    Pity leads to charity; dignity, to entitlement

    How hard have rising food prices and economic recession hit Pittsburgh? A recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article compares numbers of people served by one food pantry in South Hills in February 2007 — 276 — to February 2008 — 425, an increase of 64 percent. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank distributes food to this and […]

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    Grassroots recipe #2: Fat Nic’s Vegan Friendly Beans

    From Nic Romano, a social worker friend and guitar hero fan from Baltimore: Fat Nic’s Vegan Friendly Beans & (rice, cornbread, whatever…) Here’s a good cheap recipe that always serves me well. It’s cheap, simple, and very adaptable to anyone’s tastes. Fresh herbs and veggies really make it good, but a little goes a long […]

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