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Dude, Where's My Bailout? t-shirt from www.dailyfinance.com

The 5th Anniversary of the Great Recession

Five years ago this week, one of the country’s largest investment banks went bankrupt. With the bursting of the “housing bubble,” Lehman Brothers’ risky financial escapades put not just them but the entire US economy on the brink of collapse. Credit markets seized up, policymakers were panicked, the stock market was plummeting, and other big banks feared […]

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March on Washington - Reflecting Pool | Library of Congress

Unfinished Business from the Great March on Washington

If we want to honor the Great March on Washington that took place fifty years ago today, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to nostalgia and reciting speeches. We should work to fulfill the concrete economic justice demands of the marchers. The news media and the public, across the political spectrum, have given tremendous attention in recent days […]

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I’m going to ask you to do something a little weird. Ready? Ok, close your eyes and try to picture someone on food stamps. What does he or she look like? Where does he or she live? What does he or she do all day? Think about this image for a minute until you have […]

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Just Vote: Check out our Voter’s Guide

Just Harvest’s voter’s guide presents non-partisan information about the upcoming General Election including the candidates’positions on several issues related to hunger and poverty, to help you make your choices on Election Day, November 6th.  As part of ourcommitment to empowering low-income families, we encourage all clients touse their political voice, starting with casting their ballots inelections.  This voter’s guide is […]

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