Week 17: It’s time to talk about you

Just Talk About HungerWhat if there was a place where people who have experienced hunger could talk about it? A space free of all the judgment and stigma we so often face. A space where folks could meet other people who are going through or have gone through the same thing.

What if this was a place where we could learn about things that will actually help us? Where we could get tips and resources — from the most basic (like stretching a food budget, easy low-cost and healthy recipes, the best place to get essential items) to the most complex (like the ins and outs of accessing assistance benefits, the latest benefits policy changes, how to deal with the stress and emotions of it all).

What if this place also provided info on how to fix the systems that are keeping people locked in financial struggle? What if it helps us organize to get the power we need to make our lives better and lift up our communities, right here in Allegheny County?

We believe this place can exist. And we want you to be a part of it.


It’s real simple: join our new Facebook group Just Talk About Hunger.

And then do that. Just start talking. Post things you think will be helpful or interesting. Comment respectfully on other people’s posts.

And talk justly – with fairness and empathy. And invite people you know who you think would want to do the same.

This is a closed group. None of what’s shared will be public.

Let’s make this a place of kindness along the path to justice – because right now there’s not enough kindness or justice going on in our world. So let’s create a place for that to grow.

(And if you’re not on Facebook, we apologize. But maybe this is a reason to join?)


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