Week 18: Get ready for the next election

vote buttonsToday is National Voter Registration Day! This day is celebrated the fourth Tuesday of every September. There is nothing more important in our democracy than exercising this right as often as possible — even if you don’t like who’s on the ballot. Maybe even especially if you don’t like who’s on the ballot.

It’s no fun voting for “the lesser of two evils.” But we don’t get better candidates or better government by not voting. The more people who vote, and the more often they do, the more politicians have to pay attention to the wishes and needs of voters — and the more power working people will have.

Maybe you didn’t show up at the May 16 primary because you thought you knew who was going to win. Maybe you’re not planning to vote in the next election on November 7 for the same reason. If so, no single city, county, court, or school board candidate is going to get your vote. You will have a choice in many of these races — and the option to write in the name of some other candidate of your choosing — but you’re going to sit this one out.

Big mistake. Every election matters — particularly local ones where every vote counts. Don’t opt out of the one guaranteed way you have to make your voice heard. If you feel angry or discouraged or powerless about how things are then use this opportunity to weigh in.

Don’t let someone else decide who should represent your interests in the many important issues affecting your daily life: housing, transit, food access, our schools, our environment, jobs and wages, and so much more.


1. Double-check your voter registration and polling place at votespa.com.

  • October 10 is the last day to register for the Nov. 7 election.
  • October 31 is the last day to get a civilian absentee ballot if you will be travelling outside the county on Nov. 7

2. Encourage friends and family to double-check their registration or to register for the first time! Share this info using the buttons at the top and bottom of this post.

3. See which candidates and measures will be on your Nov. 7 ballot at ballotpedia.org.


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