Week 30: Stay with us

Thirty weeks ago we launched our 30 Weeks of Action campaign. Our goal was to highlight key ways to address hunger despite the country’s new political challenges. We brought the expertise and info we’ve amassed in our thirty years of operating; you brought your energy and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the challenges you joined us in facing this year haven’t abated. In fact, with the passing of the tax bill in Congress this week, those challenges will likely soon be growing.

A historic transfer of this nation’s resources is now underway – from the middle class and working people to corporations. From protecting and lifting up the vulnerable and people in need, to lining the pockets of the wealthy. From public communities to gated ones. From the common good to private profiteers.

And that means everything Just Harvest works for on a daily basis will now get even harder. The public programs that we help people access to move them out of poverty will soon be under direct attack. Those attacks will make our society even less just, our economy even less fair.

The perpetrators of the tax scheme are already pushing forward measures to balance its $1.4+ trillion costs by slashing social spending. They plan to cut or tear apart the nutrition and medical programs – SNAP and Medicaid – that so many people rely on at some point in their lives. Increasingly, those programs are literal life support for the millions of hard-working Pennsylvanians who don’t get enough wages or job security to get by.

But if there is one thing that’s given us hope in the past 30 weeks, it’s this: you care about your struggling neighbors. And you believe in the power of positive action.


Despite the callousness and greed of too many elected officials, the majority of Pennsylvanians want to end hunger and needless suffering. And we know that’s still possible because you help bring us closer to that goal every day.

Every time a family gets more money for food. Every time an under-served neighborhood gets a healthy corner store or farmers market. When a public school gets a better breakfast program. When a household gets more of their hard-earned dollars back at tax time – the real root causes of hunger are addressed, hunger diminishes, justice and opportunity grow.

This is what people like you make possible.

And because of that support, we can say this: As frustrating, dispiriting, and even frightening as our state and national politics have become, we are seeing mounting energy and possibility in the movement for economic justice in our region.

Please donate to Just Harvest today – or better yet, join us as a member so we can stand together in the weeks ahead.

Every day, more of us are coming together to declare our values and join hands in protecting them. More and more people are uniting to advance a positive vision: of government that exists to serve and protect all people, and where all communities are equipped and empowered to succeed.

We hope you share that vision. If so, please join us on the road ahead to reach it.


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