2020 General Election Voter Guide for Allegheny County

2020 General Election Voter Guide for Allegheny County published by the Alliance for Police Accountability, Casa San Jose, Just Harvest Education Fund, Pittsburgh United

About this voter guide

This non-partisan guide to the upcoming General Election is presented as part of the 2020 Voter Engagement Project, a combined effort of the Alliance for Police Accountability, Casa San Jose, Just Harvest, and Pittsburgh United. It is intended to educate and inform voters about some of the many important issues at stake in the election at the local, state, and national levels.

The sponsoring organizations do not endorse or oppose any political party or candidate for public office. We encourage you to be informed about the issues that concern you and VOTE – by mail or at your polling place – however is safest and most secure for you. Funding for the voter engagement project has been generously provided by The Heinz Endowments.

How to use this voter guide

Explore your ballot: Dive into the background of every candidate and referendum that will appear on your official ballot.

Make informed choices: Compare candidates based on their issue stances, biography, and endorsements and save your choices as you go.

Find your polling place: Whether by mail, in person, or by over-the-counter voting, walk through each step of the voting process and make your plan to vote. (Learn more here about these options.)

PLEASE NOTE For voting in person on Election Day, Nov.3: Unless you’ve changed your voter registration address in the past year, your polling location is likely what it was in 2019. You can check your polling location here. If it is listed as “pending”, the county is seeking a new location. For voters in those election districts, you can check back on that page or wait for a postcard from the county to confirm your polling place prior to the November 3 election. Finalized polling location info will be available in this guide the week of Oct. 23.

Vote: Print or email your voter guide ballot to have with you when you fill out your official ballot.

Get started!

Any questions about the guide? Contact Emily Cleath at Just Harvest: (412) 440-5610 or emilyc@justharvest.org.

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