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Articles and notes from Just Harvest staff and partners.

A letter to the editor

Published on Thursday, May 29 with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Letters to the Editor on the Web. You can find the letter we’re responding to right here. Everyone deserves foodI was appalled by the ignorance of the May 22 Web letter “Government Spending I Don’t Like.” As an AmeriCorps•VISTA member, I am proudly serving our country […]

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Grassroots recipe #5

Just in case you were concerned by the exclusion of meat from the recipes so far, Nic Romano offers a taste of the southern cuisine he picked up in the Navy years ago: “While my last contribution was vegan friendly, and I don’t want anyone to get the false impression that I endorse that kind […]

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Thoughts on the Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate

By Ken Regal, Co-Director of Just Harvest Many of us have just received or will soon be receiving a “tax rebate” check from the federal government as a part of the Economic Stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed by President Bush earlier this year. My question is why do we so readily accept the […]

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Grassroots recipe #4

Young psychologist Christine Cinquino-Larson offered this simple Italian meal: Vienna Cinquino’s Pasta and Peas ingredients: 1 can of tomatoes (Italian Style-l lb 12 oz. approx.)about 1 oz. olive oil2 cloves of garlic1/4 green bell pepper (or 1/2 if prefer)Small can of peas(15 oz. approx.–use less if prefer)1/4 to 1/2 lb of elbow macaroni Peel garlic […]

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Grassroots recipe #3: azifa

Carnegie resident Matt McGrath shared this recipe for Azifa, an Ethiopian cold lentil dish that he recommends in a pita, as a salsa alternative, or on its own. “When you make it yourself [instead of going to a restaurant], it’s about $10 cheaper. I’m addicted to it now,” said McGrath (a $1.25 bag of lentils […]

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Urban farms in the Steel City

While some rural Pennsylvanians are weathering the rise in food prices by buying cheap, expired food from Amish shops, Pittsburghers are likelier to enjoy a more sustainable bounty from urban farms. According to this Post-Gazette story, urban farm sites now include the North Side, Lemington, Garfield, and the Hill District. This is good news for […]

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Pity leads to charity; dignity, to entitlement

How hard have rising food prices and economic recession hit Pittsburgh? A recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article compares numbers of people served by one food pantry in South Hills in February 2007 — 276 — to February 2008 — 425, an increase of 64 percent. The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank distributes food to this and […]

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Grassroots recipe #2: Fat Nic’s Vegan Friendly Beans

From Nic Romano, a social worker friend and guitar hero fan from Baltimore: Fat Nic’s Vegan Friendly Beans & (rice, cornbread, whatever…) Here’s a good cheap recipe that always serves me well. It’s cheap, simple, and very adaptable to anyone’s tastes. Fresh herbs and veggies really make it good, but a little goes a long […]

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food crisis and free markets

Scary. Transnational corporate agribusiness has managed to create a global food crisis. Readers of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine will be unsurprised at how Cargill, Monsanto, etc. are profiting from the crisis (not unlike how oil companies are reaping windfall profits) — thus offering little financial incentive to stave of the “social uprisings” that rightly make […]

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