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United Way Allegheny CountyJust Harvest is a United Way agency. Our work to connect low-income residents of Allegheny County with free tax filing assistance, public benefit programs, and healthy food would not be possible without United Way’s financial support.

But more than just giving us funding, United Way helps us be better at what we do.

United Way focuses on solving pressing issues by bringing together the entire community – policymakers, corporate leaders, excellent agency partners, and people like you who want to help – to help our neighbors in need and develop long-term solutions.

No other single local non-profit can mobilize all of these partners and bring them together to achieve results. Together we have the opportunity to transform the lives of so many people and accomplish long-lasting impact.

Your gift to the United Way Impact Fund expresses your caring and commitment to our community.

United Way invests Impact Fund dollars in innovative programs that address a wide range of needs. These needs are determined through research and data that they have uncovered with the help of our partners.

A select group of non-profit agencies who are best positioned to affect positive change are held accountable for producing measurable results. Impact Fund programs fill gaps in existing services with great efficiency so more of our neighbors can be helped.  We know this because we do our due diligence.

United Way invests Impact Fund dollars through a competitive selection process guided by teams of community leaders and volunteers.

  • These volunteers work together, with United Way, to assess what services will have the greatest impact on our community.
  • Local human service agencies provide proposals for meeting those needs.
  • Only the best, most innovative and collaborative programs are selected for funding by a group of dedicated volunteers who help guide the funding decisions.

This rigorous process ensures that your dollars make a real difference in the lives of people whose needs would not be met without your help.

Help Just Harvest and United Way continue our important work by making a gift to the United Way Impact Fund today.


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