Our long-time tax clients Tim and Darlene

Our tax client TimTim worked in a plumbing business for 25 years, where he planned to remain until retirement.  Those plans came to an abrupt end when his business partner suffered a crippling injury from an accident and the business could no longer be sustained.

Tim found new work in maintenance, including employment at Duquesne University. But he faced another unexpected disappointment when he slipped on black ice and fell down his porch steps sustaining a major back injury.

He underwent two surgeries but continued to experience pain and limited mobility.  Tim worked in his labor-intensive job for more than four years after the accident until his back could no longer handle it. He was laid off from his job and able to collect unemployment until he was finally approved for social security disability insurance.

Tim’s wife, Arlene, also experienced a career-ending diagnosis.

She was a cook for 35 years and enjoyed her work.  As her arthritis worsened she learned that she could not be on her feet all day, ending her career as a cook.

However, Arlene couldn’t remain seated all day either and needed to be able to get up and move around for short periods of time.  Though, she wanted to keep working, she made the difficult decision to spend the next three years on permanent disability until she reached 65, when she started receiving social security retirement.

Tim and Darlene have been coming to Just Harvest for the last 8 years to get their taxes done and they love it here.  “Everybody is so nice and we get our refund in the same amount of time as we would form H&R Block.  They do it pretty fast and we haven’t had any problems in 8 years.”

They keep trying to encourage their family members to go to Just Harvest also, but their family thinks they will get their money faster at H&R Block and are spending so much money to go there. Tim and Darlene hope that someday their family members will realize that Just Harvest is a much better option!

In recent years, they haven’t received a refund except for their rent rebate, which they are thankful for.  They so appreciate the free tax service at Just Harvest and are happy to share their story and “do whatever they can” to help Just Harvest.


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