• Action Against Hunger

    We address hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice – through a focus on public policy, food access, and community power.

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  • Grassroots recipe #5

    Just in case you were concerned by the exclusion of meat from the recipes so far, Nic Romano offers a taste of the southern cuisine he picked up in the Navy years ago: “While my last contribution was vegan friendly, and I don’t want anyone to get the false impression that I endorse that kind […]

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    Thoughts on the Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate

    By Ken Regal, Co-Director of Just Harvest Many of us have just received or will soon be receiving a “tax rebate” check from the federal government as a part of the Economic Stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed by President Bush earlier this year. My question is why do we so readily accept the […]

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    Grassroots recipe #4

    Young psychologist Christine Cinquino-Larson offered this simple Italian meal: Vienna Cinquino’s Pasta and Peas ingredients: 1 can of tomatoes (Italian Style-l lb 12 oz. approx.)about 1 oz. olive oil2 cloves of garlic1/4 green bell pepper (or 1/2 if prefer)Small can of peas(15 oz. approx.–use less if prefer)1/4 to 1/2 lb of elbow macaroni Peel garlic […]

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