State service providers down to bare bones

Who is going to deliver all the important services, when there are no more workers left?

We’re glad Gov. Rendell has additional funds to help vulnerable Pennsylvanians who are losing their jobs, but he MUST provide enough staff to deliver these critical services.

The number of people receiving food stamp benefits is the highest in decades. And our governor is providing more funds for the needy adults who need basic medical care.

But nobody’s asking: “How will these services get to the people who need them?” Rendell has frozen hiring.

In Pennsylvania the staff numbers in the Dept. of Public Welfare– which administers Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance to the most needy of our neighbors—is way down.

The staff complement for these workers in Allegheny County alone, is about 400 employees.

They are down to 320 workers now, and people are retiring every day. By June, they expect 120 more to retire! The state has a hiring freeze, and people who need the help are not receiving it in a timely manner.

So ask Gov. Rendell, “Who will deliver these services when there is no more staff in the government?”

– Joni Rabinowitz, Co-Director

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