Volunteers needed for tax season

Just Harvest needs you to volunteer for this coming tax season!

You may not know this, but tax season is amazing.

Every year – thanks to many, many dedicated volunteers – we help a few thousand low-income families access several million dollars in tax credits. Those numbers keep going up every year, because every year we have more volunteers!

You should really consider becoming one of those volunteers, because:

  • A quote from Just Harvest volunteer tax preparer Laketa GreenYou get to learn a new skill.
  • You get to see on people’s faces the impact you are making in their daily life, and get all of the warm fuzzies.
  • We operate all kinds of hours in multiple locations, so something will probably fit with your schedule.
  • Tax volunteers get to work with other incredible tax volunteers.

But wait, why taxes??

Very often when I meet with a new volunteer who is just learning about Just Harvest, I start to talk about taxes and a look of confusion comes across their face: What in the world do taxes have to do with hunger and poverty?

The answer is simple: the Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) and Child Tax Credits (CTC) do more to lift working families out of poverty than any other program in the country. It lifts over 9.1 Million Americans out of poverty, and about half of those people are children.

For many of the people we serve, their EITC will provide more than 40% of their annual income. And quite frankly, it’s just not right to have to pay a private tax prep company about $180 every year to access a public benefit that is supposed to lift you out of poverty. Especially when, in receiving for-profit tax assistance, you will most likely be encouraged to make poor financial decisions like getting your refund right away – in the form of a hefty high-cost short-term loan.

Besides reducing poverty and the obvious benefit of having Money in Your Pocket (ahem), the EITC has some other really awesome impacts, as proven by research:

You can help make this tax season another HUGE success by being a client greeter or tax preparer at our tax site! Learn more by checking out our tax season volunteer opportunities.


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