Week 24: Make voting a habit

Don't forget to vote!No, no one is getting elected for president, Congress, or state government in the Nov. 7 election. Yes, you should still vote.

Here’s why: Because the outcome of every election has an impact on your life. Even in these “off-year” elections every winner gains power. And no matter their office, they can make real and lasting changes to the world around you.

And we get it – you’re not even sure who’s on the ballot. Or you figure the outcome is predictable. Or you doubt whether your single vote even matters. These all seem like good reasons not to bother showing up.

But voting, like your muscles, is a use-it-or-lose-it type of thing. You have to exercise your fundamental democratic rights at every opportunity. This is YOUR government after all – YOUR city and county, YOUR courts, YOUR schools. You’re not going to get better choices if you stop exercising your right to choose. Instead, elected officials at all levels will conclude that they can ignore the wants and needs of your community when they’re writing laws and making decisions. You don’t even vote, after all.

And yes, politics is frustrating and sometimes upsetting. Getting to the polls and casting your ballot can be difficult and confusing. But so many of life’s real hardships come from somebody having made a political decision that doesn’t benefit you. Don’t make that easy for them.

Don’t give away your power to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Show up, exercise those muscles, and get strong.


VOTE IN THE 2017 GENERAL ELECTION: Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 7am to 8pm!

orange arrow Get ready! Find your polling place! (The PA State Department site is a little buggy so be patient.)

orange arrow Get set!

  • The two double digit numbers at the end of the first line of your polling place address (using the link above) are your Ward and District e.g. 09 06.
  • Get a peak at your specific ballot, by inputting your Ward and District here.
  • You can check out the League of Women Voters Nov. 7 Election Guide for more info on the judicial candidates and the property tax ballot question.

orange arrow Go! And know your voting rights.

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