Dan Frankel: Candidate for Pennsylvania General Assembly

PA Rep. Dan Frankel

Official portrait of Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Frankel.

Dan Frankel is the incumbent Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives in District 23, which is in Pittsburgh and includes portions of Wards 4, 7, 14 and 15. Below are his answers to our five 2016 Voter Guide questions for state candidates on the ballot in Allegheny County.

He has no opponent in this election.

1. Do you support an increase in the TANF cash grant from its current level of $403/month for a family of three?


2. Do you support an increase in the TANF Earned Income Disregard to 75% and expanding it to applicants for benefits?


3. Do you support raising corporate taxes and eliminating corporate tax loopholes in order to fully fund human services and reduce the state’s structural deficit?


4. Do you support drug testing applicants for Food Stamps (SNAP) and/or other public benefits?


5. Do you support barring people convicted of a drug felony from receiving food stamps after they’ve served their sentence?


Just Harvest is a non-partisan organization. These survey responses are provided as voter education only.

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